‘UK, US, Started Campaign Against FIFA’

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By Prior Beharry

A DEFIANT Jack Warner says that the United Kingdom and the United States of America started a campaign against FIFA officials after they did not get to host the World Cup despite “sustained lobbying.”

This according to Warner in a statement hours after the Privy Council dismissed his appeal on judicial review of his extradition proceedings. It means that his extradition case can now continue in the Port of Spain Magistrates’ Court.


He is among other FIFA officials wanted in the US for 29 offences related to fraud, corruption and money laundering over a 30-year period.

In his statement, Warner said, “FIFA is an independent association not affiliated to any government or country. At all times it sought, in the interest of football, to offer opportunities to the widest cross-section of the international community to host the World Cup. Particular attention was paid to developing countries who have been denied economic opportunity partly because for long periods they were under colonial domination.

“Against that background FIFA gave preference to South Africa, Russia and Qatar to host World Cup Finals.  Naturally, the United States of America and the United Kingdom who had previously hosted the World Cup were not selected despite sustained lobbying.

“They were therefore not pleased and thereafter began a campaign against FIFA which resulted in the arrest and prosecution of several Executive Committee members of FIFA who had assembled for a meeting in Zurich.

“I note that several European countries including France and Switzerland, several Latin American countries, including Brazil, and several African and Middle Eastern countries have refused to extradite their citizens. Trinidad and Tobago is therefore an outlier.”


Warner said he had no banking account or property in the US. He added that he has not transacted any business there.

He said, “It is unfathomable how a New York District Attorney could commence a prosecution against me based solely on the fact that monies payable to me passed through the American banking system. Furthermore, it is incredulous that allegations of misconduct arising out of a FIFA meeting held in Trinidad could be prosecuted in the United States whereas, in Trinidad itself it does not constitute criminal activity.”

He said he has confidence in his lawyers and was confident that he will continue to receive love, affection and respect from people in all walks of life.

In a recent exclusive interview with AZP News, Warner said he was sorry for giving the impression that England would have received the 2018 World Cup that went to Russia.


And in a release after Warner, Attorney General Reginald Armour said that the rule of law and due process was alive and well in Trinidad and Tobago. He said the law must now be allowed to take its course.

Armour said, “In his appeal before the Privy Council, Mr Warner argued four issues, the last most significant one being whether there was procedural or substantive unfairness in the procedure leading to the issuance of the Authority To Proceed to enable his extradition, as requested by the USA.

“The Privy Council has unanimously determined that no procedural or substantive unfairness has taken place preventing Mr Warner’s extradition to the USA.

“The judgement determined further that in dismissing Mr Warner’s appeal there was no necessity for it to consider any of the constitutional issues raised by Mr Warner about the relationship between the Executive, the Legislature and the Courts in Trinidad and Tobago.”




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