UK to Help Local Mounted Branch

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In a bid to enhance the capabilities of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) Mounted Branch, the British High Commission has extended an invitation to the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment of the British Army.

The regiment, represented by five members from The UK’s Blues and Royals Regiment, will spend two weeks in Trinidad and Tobago, providing crucial technical support on ceremonial practices, animal welfare, training procedures, and equipment procurement.

This collaboration is part of an ongoing programme between the TTPS Mounted Branch and the UK Mounted Regiment, focusing on in-person training in key areas such as farriery (horse hoof husbandry and shoe repairs), saddlery (correct fitting of saddles), veterinary issues, and riding instruction.

The Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers from the Blues and Royals will conduct assessments and training clinics for the TTPS Mounted Branch. Additionally, an ‘open school’ session will be held, allowing all stables in Trinidad and Tobago to participate in the training.

British High Commissioner Harriet Cross and ASP Michael Sooker flanked by Members of Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment and TTPS Mounted Branch

The British High Commission is actively encouraging wide engagement from relevant stakeholders, including government veterinary officers and stables across the country that focus on horse rehabilitation and community engagement.

British High Commissioner Harriet Cross expressed optimism about the potential for a long-term partnership, emphasising the importance of ongoing knowledge and expertise sharing. She highlighted the Household Cavalry’s specialized skillset in equine management and expressed excitement about the collaborative possibilities. Cross said, “Let’s hope that Mounted Branch and Mounted Regiment become firm stable mates!”

Member of Household Calvary Mounted Regiment

This training initiative follows the initial visit by the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment to Trinidad and Tobago in 2019, during which various areas for technical assistance were identified.

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, renowned for its equine training expertise, operates globally, providing support in countries such as Oman, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and Qatar.

Comprising The Blues and Royals and The Life Guards, the regiment holds the prestigious role of being the King’s official bodyguard and is responsible for armored reconnaissance during active service.

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