TT on Red Alert as Tropical Storm Karen Passes

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A Red Alert has been issued by the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service (TTMS) due to the passage of Tropical Storm Karen.

This means the TT is at a very high risk and there is risk to public safety livelihood and property.

TTMS said periods of intense showers and/or thunderstorms were likely.

Tropical Storm Karen

It said heavy intense downpours were expected to result in street or flash flooding.

“Gusty winds in excess off 70km/h can be expected. The risk of landslides/landslips is very high in areas so prone. Sea conditions are likely to become occasionally rough,” TTMS stated.

It is advising those affected to find a shelter if needed until the danger passes.

TTMS said, “Find a sturdy place and remain there. Turn off electrical breakers if your home is flooded. Do not go outside unless given the all clear. Only evacuate if your safety is threatened.”

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