TT Chamber Calls on Young to Admit Crime Crisis

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THE Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce is calling on National Security Minister to acknowledge that Trinidad and Tobago is facing a crisis regarding crime.

In a release on Monday, the chamber called for urgent action and outlined a number of options available to help fight the crime situation.

The chamber said it was of the view “that the present state of affairs dictates that urgent action must be taken now. The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), despite its best efforts, does not by itself have the capacity to deal with the crime situation, and other arms of the security infrastructure must be mobilised. We also recognise the Minister’s reference to technology in the fight against crime and endorse this.”

It stated, “We fully support a strong presence of security forces in high-crime areas. Our law provides for the Defence Force ‘To cooperate with and assist the civil power in maintaining law and order,’ and ‘To assist the civil authorities in times of crisis or disaster.’

“We thank the Minister for his commitment with regard to upping the collaborations between the police and the defence force and trust that this is part of an overall plan and strategy that is being executed on a sustained basis.”

It also listed a number of options to be considered:

  • Circulate in the media, at every police station and all police posts, a list of the most wanted criminals in the country. This should be published in the media.
  • A crime crisis team reviewing the deployment of all the security resources of the
  • Seek assistance from our CARICOM partners who have successfully reduced similar crime upsurges in their own country.
  • International experts who can be brought in to support the Crime fighting effort.
  • To maintain public confidence, communication to the public about crime fighting strategies (taking into consideration national security confidence) with metrics that show their success/failure.
  • Ensuring that the technology infrastructure, (drones, air support, digital fingerprinting, the CCTV cameras with facial recognition, the National operations Centre etc) are fully operational and utilised.

It stated, “While we are in a difficult situation it can be solved if the government accepts the reality, and makes solving/reducing crime a priority. The Minister has signalled his intention to meet with chambers of commerce and other stakeholders, and we look forward to a meeting as soon as possible.

“The TT Chamber remains committed to fully support and collaborate with all legitimate agencies in the fight against crime.

“Saving our country from this spiraling crime is critical to our citizens and visitors wellbeing, and the preservation of our very way of life.”



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