True Friends are Good For You

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I begin on a sombre note. We were saddened and shocked when we heard the news of Antiguan soca artiste Ricardo Drue’s death.

But what can we learn from his life, yes his life story? It was reported that his fiancée Patrice Roberts was heard saying, “I do anything to hear your voice, wake up!” That statement has a lot of weight and we need to assess it.

From where I stand, those words clearly show her love for him and her willingness to do anything to see him again… that’s really love! Whether her words are felt by the public or not, Roberts shared a close loving bond with Drue. What can we learn from? The lesson here is that nothing is guaranteed and we need to acknowledge each and every one whenever we meet them, because we never know when their last time with us will be. So appreciation is needed at this time with our family, neighbours, friends and associates. Let’s treat everyone well with love in sight.

Check up on your loved ones. By you being conscious enough to give a courtesy call ever so often, you never know who could be going through problems, maybe in their room all alone. You can help that friend/dear one cope if they are in dire need, and in turn, they can help you to see light or a new perspective. Have you ever called a friend and they told you they are experiencing tough days? How did you feel when you heard?

Surely you were a compassionate friend. That’s why I say check on your friends cause we are in critical days that could be hard to deal with. We all need that support when it comes to love and friendship, and to help heal a particular friend at this time. If needed, we can stop our activities and go to the bedside of our friend, nursing them back to life figuratively. That is the friendship that all of us needs, when it comes to having true friends! I am making this impassioned plea to guide a friend through the darkness of depression that some of us may go through as we continue along this journey called life.

Inhumane ways should never be adopted in our hearts and I will tell you why. The word inhumane means: without compassion for misery or suffering; cruel. This has a serious meaning, so are our actions inhumane or not? Do we have compassion for our friends, our neighbours, our associates who we consider like our family, those who we take care of? Do we show compassion to the poor, to the weak, to the fellowship of men? Remember that all of us have a story and if we can learn anything from the past week, we can leave this world at any given moment like that artiste in question. I say we need to bring back love and when I say love, I mean sincere love, and we need it urgently too.

Friendship is very important, as you know very well. To you, Ms Don, tough times don’t last long and we as individuals are not our problems. All of us have to face plights in this world but our future is in our own hands. Choose well, my dear readers and friends…

In a nutshell, having friends is a good thing. But having true friendship is better than fine wine. Some call it a ‘wing man,’ who is there in your time of need as you go through your life. To Patrice Roberts and family, my deepest condolences to you all; always remember that the sun will shine again in God’s timing.

Tough days are here to see the light and insight is needed more than ever. Real love can prevail against fake friendship and that’s an important lesson to remember. Time is always the judge, so let time lead and show the way to provide answers to the questions we are having. And a true friend is only revealed with time, like fine wine as I mentioned earlier. Thank you for reasoning and tracking with me and always remember that you must be a good friend to have a good friend. As you become that good friend, the relationship will blossom with hope and substance.

Note: As it’s Christmas Eve, let us prepare for the celebration. I’m wishing a Merry Christmas to all my readers and please enjoy the season, being there for your friends and having love through it all…

Treldon Layne is a motivational speaker


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