‘Toxic Tabanca’ by UNC – PNM Women

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

REGARDLESS of everything the United National Congress (UNC) may say negatively about Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley receiving an honorary doctorate, it cannot take away from his numerous qualifications and successes. 

The National Women’s League of the People’s National Movement (PNM) described the statements from the Opposition and its supporters as “toxic tabanca.”

The UNC is of the opinion that Dr Rowley has done nothing to deserve such a prestigious accolade from Howard University. 


In a  media release on Tuesday, the League listed out the qualifications of its political leader  saying “both his academic doctorate and honorary degrees were neither purchased online from a degree mill nor self-appointed.” 

The League stated, “Dr Keith Christopher Rowley is probably the first (and maybe the only) UWI student to have completed an MSc degree in one year (and by research). That was after graduating with double first-class honours in Natural Science, and he then went on to become the head of a scientific research department.”


Afterwards, he went into his political life becoming Deputy Political Leader of the main political party (PNM)  and eventually leader.

His long resume also includes him being Opposition Leader for five years and prime minister for eight years.

He has been elected nine consecutive times by the people of Diego Martin. 

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“All the UNC jammetry and vulgarities on the political platform cannot subtract from the international accolades accomplished by our distinguished, soberminded leader. The Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago is well respected throughout the world, and no less a person than the President of the United States acknowledged Dr Rowley’s natural talent and regional leadership,” the League said.

The PNM Women’s League stated, “The League commiserates with the Opposition that, under their leader, such praise would not be possible or plausible. However, envy and invidiousness will not change the fact that Dr Rowley is by far a superior politician, academic and leader. A word of biblical wisdom for the obviously hurting Opposition: a peaceful heart is needed because envy rots the bones.”


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