Tobago Starts 2nd Dose of Sinopharm

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TOBAGO will begin its rollout of the second doses of the Sinopharm vaccine today (Wednesday).

On Tuesday, Tobago Regional Health Authority asked all Tobagonians to return to the health facilities where they received the first dose.

It is advising the public to go at the same time as the first dose appointment and be punctual.

First dose received                        Date for second Dose

Friday 21st May, 2021.                      Wednesday 16th,2021

Monday24th,2021.                            Thursday 17th, 2021

Tuesday 26th,2021.                            Friday 18th, 2021

Thursday 27th,2021.                          Tuesday 22nd  2021

Friday 28th, 2021.                              Wednesday 23rd, 2021

Tuesday 01st , 2021.                           Thursday 24th, 2021

Wednesday 02nd, 2021.                     Friday 25th, 2021

Friday 04th, 2021.                                Monday 28th, 2021

Monday 07th, 2021.                               Tuesday 29th 2021



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