Three Fishermen Kidnapped

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CEDROS – THREE Cedros fishermen have been kidnapped and a ransom of US$10,000 is being demanded for their safe release.

According to a release by Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) the vessel was found without its engine.

The captain of the vessel has been identified as Sneider, also known as “Carlo” while one the fishermen is also known by his nickname “Sacks” and the other one is a Venezuelan who has been living in Trinidad for some time.

FFOS is asking, “Who will pay this ransom? Where were the Cedros-based Coast Guard? Do we have any radars? Where are the 14 Coast Guard interceptors which Minister Young promised to be repaired since last November?”

Referring to the seven fishermen who were attacked on the seas near Orange Valley in July, FFOS stated, “We continue to appeal to Prime Minister (Keith) Rowley and Minister Young of National Security to advise the nation as to what steps are being taken to ensure safety at sea.

“The Government owes us a duty of care to ensure that they are able to safeguard our men at sea and to respond in a timely manner to emergencies.

“To date we still don’t know whether there are any working radars and our borders are wide open to the free flow of every type of mafia, contraband and human cargo.

“Now that the 2019/2020 Budget promises are made, we appeal to Prime Minister Rowley to speak out on this matter of safety at sea because our men are being brutally taken and murdered.

“Until the Prime Minister acts, more vulnerable lives will be lost and their blood, regretfully, will be on his hands.

FFOS stand ready to serve and appeal to our Government to break its silence and to ACT before any more lives are taken.”

Listen to a voice recording on the incident by Corporate Secretary of FFOS Gary Aboud:



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