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AS Christmas is in the air, true love is needed as we speak in our own hearts and this can bring about a better world.

By bringing about a better world, we will have a bright future for all mankind, which ultimately leads to a more peaceful world. In my opinion, that’s what is needed at this time in history. These days are in crisis as it pertains to war in the Middle East taking place as I write this. These are dark days and you may wonder how can hope shine again in the minds of people collectively?

Simply put, love is the answer, or shall I say true love, which ultimately prevails because of the will in our own hearts.

“When you think with love, there’s no room for hate” – I have decided to decipher this quote to have a deeper understanding and love for it, or a greater understanding of our own lifestyle of truest love inside.

Personally, this quote has a lot of substance for me because love has been the root that made me who I am today. To anybody who knows me personally, I try my best to demonstrate that love at all times. So let us take a deeper look into this quote that made me, Treldon!

We have tried hate, but has it worked? Has it? Has hatred solved the problem? In my humble opinion, it only gives us more conflict that will ultimately lead to war in the world as we are seeing now. So why not give love a try sincerely? Will not our world be brighter with a firm determination that we have found the

Only answer with love?

We have tried everything under the sun but has peace persisted on this Earth? The answer is straight out a big no, it has not! I know some of us will think this is wishful thinking. But when it comes to peace, should it not be more important to make that change instantly? Because we are on serious waters so let’s simply try it and see if it works…

Peace and sincerity of love goes hand in hand, period! We cannot say we want peace and we don’t have love. Likewise, we can’t say we want love and we don’t have peace. It is like a good marriage and like all marriages, it needs to be done with harmony and togetherness always, my friends. For things to work well, there needs to have balance with a firm determination since time is against us all.

Basically, we are getting older and we will die one day, yes one day as the sun shines. So I believe it is necessary for us to put aside our pride, ego and anything that gets in the way of peace and happiness, as love is the real and only answer to hate. Let’s do it together my friends. Yes, we can do it! I know we can because we have to want a change and if we want something that bad we will work for it, so we will achieve that change, my dear readers. Let us do it and let us do it now.

Hugging can be a helpful tool and a trick of the trade to show love and peace inside. And showing love by hugging someone in a time of vulnerability is one of the best mediums to support that person through their dark time. In other words, to give that peace and hope to someone is to provide encouragement to their psyche. Love may be dormant sometimes, but it is definitely not dead. When we exist with strength and confidence in the world today, then real hope is given and happiness too. That’s a trick that needs to be used urgently…

In conclusion, to be happy is to be peaceful, with harmony in view. Once that equation is properly balanced, then life is renewed with hope, and acting with love cancels hate. This is the way, this is the truth. It’s up to us to walk in it accordingly. Thank you for reasoning and tracking with me and always remember, it starts with us and end with us. Love is in inside of US, so let’s make it come out of US now, because it is desperately needed as the air we breathe.
Treldon Layne is a motivational speaker


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