THA Wants $4.7B from Central Government

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THE Tobago House of Assembly (THA) wants $4.71 billion from central government.

The request was made during the Budget presentation on Monday by Secretary of Finance and the Economy Joel Jack.

The biggest chuck will go to the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development.

In his 2020/2021 budget presentation, Jack said there was the need to rebuild the Tobago economy after Covid-19.

Joel Jack

The THA is requesting the division, headed by Tracy Davidson-Celestine, receive $801.7 million to help in the fight against Covid-19.

Jack said, “Covid-19 has upended all previous forecast for the global economy leading to a virtual shutdown of the economy.”

Last year, the THA requested $4.72 billion but received $2.283 billion in the 2020 national budget.

Budget requests 2020/2021:

Assembly Legislature – $24.8 million

Office of the Chief Secretary – $167.4 million

Finance and the Economy – $291.7 million

Food Production, Forestry and Fisheries – $276.5 million

Tourism, Culture and Transportation – $234.7 million

Education, Innovation and Energy – $525.6 million

Community Development, Enterprise Development and Labour – $118.4 million

Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment – $475 million

Health, Wellness and Family Development – $801.7 million

Settlements, Urban Renewal and Public Utilities – $41.2 million

Sport and Youth Affairs – $104. 9 million

Unemployment Relief Programme – $71 million

CEPEP – $43 million

Expenditure Estimates:

Recurrent expenditure – $3.07 billion

Personal expenditure – $840.9 million

Goods and services – $1 billion

Development programme expenditure – $1.5 billion

Minor equipment purchases – $90.7 million

Transfers and subsidies – $1.1 billion


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