Tears Flow at Funeral of Toddler Crushed by Truck

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Terracina Moonilal

WALLERFIELD – THE parents of a two-year-old toddler, crushed by an unsuspecting truck driver at Wallerfield last Wednesday, were inconsolable at their daughter’s funeral today.

Little Terracina Moonilal died after she climbed over a wooden barrier at her Agua Santa, Wallerfield  home and ran into the path of a reversing truck.

The driver claimed he did not see the child and almost fainted when he discovered the Terracina had been crushed by the rear wheel.

Police interviewed the driver and released him.

At the funeral held at the child’s home, Member of Parliament for the area Maxie Cuffie advised mourners that they should not focus on the blame game.

He asked that they remember her in the short time she lived on this earth.

 Mourners shed tears openly at the as they prayed for the soul of the toddler to have everlasting peace.

Police probing the death have not recommended any criminal charges for the driver of the truck.


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