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Commentary: A Tint Law Defence to Remember

  WHILE our society continues its epic battle for greater protection of women lives, vehicle owners are being bombarded with notices, advertisements and reminders of a looming deadline for implementation of the new motor vehicle tint regulations. The law will be enforced from March 7, 2021. Based on my research, you can receive no demerit […]Read More

How To Protect Our Women In T&T

  Something must be done … Somebody has to do something … Something has to change… OUR heads and our hearts are still reeling from the horrible loss of Andrea Bharatt, after fervently hoping and praying things would not turn out the way they did. Her death is the latest in a long string of […]Read More

Commentary: Unfair Restrictions to Contest a Red-Light Ticket

THERE’S undoubtedly been an uptick in the police’s focus with traffic violations. In only four short years (2011 to 2015), the Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago collected more than $170 million in fines for traffic offences. With revenue stats like that, the state is about to enforce new tint laws with eye-popping fines starting March […]Read More

Commentary: Goodbye, WhatsApp…

  WHATSAPP possibly made the biggest public relations blooper of late when it announced its privacy policy updates earlier this year. WhatsApp boasts of 2 billion active monthly users around the world. Certainly, those stats could make any company giddy with power. While not too much will change regarding the service, what WhatsApp certainly did, […]Read More

A Closer Look at Tint Restrictions in T&T

Happy New Year readers! It’s my first article for 2021, and many thanks for having me back! As a legal practitioner, I have a pet peeve for laws that just doesn’t sit right. With that in mind, I thought I’d have a closer look at the new front windshield tint restrictions. Quickly recapping my […]Read More

$5,000 Fine for Illegal Motor Vehicle Tints

ANOTHER set of motor vehicle regulations with eyebrow raising fines has been made into law, with a 3-month moratorium on implementation commencing December 7, 2020. At the end of that moratorium, owners, drivers and operators of motor vehicles can be fined $5,000 per offence for breach of new tint regulations with specific percentages for the […]Read More

Commentary: Avoid PH Cars Like the Plague

WHILE it’s a hot topic right now, I’m not sure everyone truly understands the dangers of PH cars in this country. By now, we all know of the heightened risk women face daily if they enter a PH car: they are sometimes harassed, robbed, assaulted and even worse. But there is more the average person […]Read More

Ladies, Arm Yourselves!

I doubt anyone will argue with me if I say the year 2020 has been one of the most trying in recent history. To top it off, there’s a huge uptick in women losing their lives by sick monsters on the prowl for opportunities to strike. Trinidad and Tobago is quite backward in firstly its […]Read More

A Traffic Law that Defies Logic

WITH the oil and gas boom a thing of the past, this country had to adapt to finding new ways of generating revenue to pay for public services. The state had a lightbulb moment, put certain laws into effect saying it’s for traffic safety, bumped up the fines to eyebrow raising figures and started a […]Read More

How a Virtual High Court Trial Works

DESPITE all the talk of a potential new vaccine for the novel coronavirus, I fear Covid-19 is going to be around for years to come. In previous articles, I wrote about one of the new normal in court matters being virtual hearings (hearings being conducted via computer using Microsoft Teams, which is something like Skype). […]Read More