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T&T to Spend $107M on Covid-19 Vaccines

    By Chantalé Fletcher FINANCE Minister Colm Imbert says government is expected to spend $107 million in the acquisition of vaccines for fiscal year 2021. He was speaking at a virtual press conference on Tuesday Imbert said, “We have already spent US$10.3 million, that is on the COVAX facility, so there was an initial payment […]Read More

Tancoo: Budget Deficit Really $16B, Not $8B

    FINANCE Minister Colm Imbert seems to have miscalculated the Budget’s deficit of $8billion which should have been $16.7billion. This is according to Member of Parliament  for Oropouche West,  Davendranath Tancoo. In a press release on Thursday, Tancoo said that in Imbert’s Mid-Term Budget Review in Parliament on Wednesday, Imbert stated that there was a projected revenue […]Read More

No IMF For T&T

  By Sue-Ann Wayow THERE is no need for Trinidad and Tobago to go to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This according to Finance Minister Colm Imbert on Wednesday in Parliament  in disclosing figures  during his Mid-Year Budget Review. He said any suggestion to not borrow money was “ludicrous.” The minister listed figures as Government attempted to […]Read More

30,000 Apply for Salary Relief Grant

  FINANCE Minister Colm Imbert says that some 30,000 persons have applied for the Salary Relief Grant (SRG) this round. On Monday, Imbert posted the information on Twitter. The process for the grant application ended on Monday after being opened on May 18 by the Ministry of Finance. Imbert stated, “As of May 31, 2021, […]Read More

Tancoo Says Imbert Misleading Public

  FINANCE Minister Colm Imbert’s statement that funds from the Heritage and Stabalization Fund (HSF) was used to pay contractors and suppliers of goods and services in 2020 has confirmed exactly what the Opposition has been saying and therefore the Opposition statements are not misleading. This is according to Member of Parliament for Oropouche West […]Read More

Imbert: UNC Claims That HSF Was Used Wrongly Is ‘Utter

    FINANCE Minister Colm Imbert is refuting all claims made by the Opposition regarding the utilisation of withdrawals from the Heritage and Stabilisation Fund (HSF) last year. In a statement by the Ministry of Finance on Wednesday, Imbert described the claims as “utter nonsense.” The Opposition has claimed that the money withdrawn from the […]Read More

Imbert: 86,000 Salary Relief Grants Paid Since Last Year

  By Sue-Ann Wayow MORE than 86,000 Salary Relief Grants (SRGs) were distributed after applications for Covid-19 relief last year. This according to Minister of Finance Colm Imbert in a press conference on Friday. He said of 86,196 SRGs distributed so far, 7,000 applicants were yet to be paid. Imbert said, “Of the total of […]Read More

No Carnival 2021, but Patriotic is Ole Mas – Moonilal

  By Prior Beharry WHILE there was no Carnival for 2021, Patriotic Energies and Technologies Limited was ole mas. This was the comment from Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal in the Lower House on Friday during a non-confidence motion against the Minister of Energy and Energy Industries Franklin Khan. Patriotic, a subsidiary of the […]Read More

Imbert: After Meeting, Still No Refinery for Patriotic

  MINISTER of Finance Colm Imbert confirms a meeting with Patriotic Energies and Technologies Company Limited on Thursday. But he noted that he the Cabinet decision of February 18, when for a third time Patriotic’s bid for the refinery was rejected, stands. In a release on Friday, Imbert said he met with Patriotic  “to clarify […]Read More

Imbert: Patriotic wanted Pointe-a-Pierre Refinery for Free

  UNDER its last proposal, Patriotic Energies and Technologies Company Limited wanted the Pointe-a-Pierre refinery and Paria Fuel Trading Company for free, without money, collateral or security and could mortgage both assets as it saw fit. This according to Finance Minister Colm Imbert who issued a release on Saturday following a press conference by the […]Read More