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" All the News you need from A to Z "

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In Photos: Anil Bheem Funeral

  CULTURAL icon Anil Bheem was cremated after a funeral service at his Curepe home and then a celebration of his life at the Divali Nagar in Endeavour on Thursday. AZP News Photo Editor Azlan Mohammed captured photos (presented below in a GIF) during the function honouring Bheem.   Click here to read the full […]readmore

Bheem’s Spark Honoured: Kamla Calls for National Award

By Sue-Ann Wayow and Prior Beharry THE SPARK of divinity in Anil Bheem is honoured in a celebration of his life on Thursday at the Divali Nagar at Endeavour in Chaguanas where hundreds attended in person while hundreds of thousands viewed on social media. Artistes of the Indian genre in Trinidad and Tobago filled the […]readmore