Sorrow in T&T as Rio Claro Teen Murdered – Paray

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The killing of a 13-year-old girl in Rio Claro on Thursday night brings “unrelenting despair and sorrow” to the country.

This according to Rushton Paray in a statement on Friday. He said, “The brutal and cold-blooded slaying of an innocent 13-year-old child illustrates the gloom and anguish hovering over our beloved country.

“The killing of teenager Andrea Lallan while she slept at Libertville, Rio Claro follows the recent murders of the Guanapo family, including a 10-year-old girl, and several other homicides.

“The traditionally quiet Rio Claro community last week lost businessman Kris Ramsaran, who was shot 16 times while at St Helena, which has also become a criminal hot-spot.

“The drowning of pensioner Fareed Kassim at Mayaro beach last weekend has brought further grief to the south-eastern communities.”

Paray said in recent time too several youths have disappeared.

He added, “These incidents and the unceasing bloody trail have added to unrelenting despair and sorrow, with seemingly no end in sight under the collapsed Rowley administration.”

Paray said it was horrifying that, in the midst of such an unchecked catastrophe, there is still no purposeful intervention from Prime Minister Rowley and his non-performing Minister of National Security Fitzgerald Hinds.

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He said, “Trinidad and Tobago is in the throes of unprecedented torment and pain and cries out for leadership to bring an end to the crime scourge and to provide comfort to affected communities and families.

“Dr Rowley should know that his silence and coldness are not what is required during this period of historic national tragedy.”


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