132 Murders since Crime Symposium

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

WITH 300 murders already recorded for the year, the regional crime symposium was a waste of taxpayers’ dollars.

And the appointment of Commissioner of Police Erla Christopher has made no difference in the fight against criminals says Member of Parliament for Naparima Rodney Charles.

Charles, on Monday lamented the death of 75-year-old pensioner, Lutchmin Bickram who died a day after she was badly beaten and robbed at her home in Freeport.  He also said that since the crime symposium there have been 132 murders in T&T.


He is calling for urgently needed specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely (SMART) crime fighting strategies from Minister of National Security Fitzgerald Hinds.

A release from Charles’ constituency office states, “This Government has lost control over criminals and the criminal elements, with increasing attacks against our elderly. On Saturday, another 71-year-old businesswoman was beaten, robbed and attacked at her home. Our homes are no longer sanctuaries from crime.”


According to Charles, the crime plan put forward by Christopher in April has failed. Since its announcement, Trinidad and Tobago has had 106 murders. 

Since the last Regional Crime Symposium, 132 murders occurred, the release stated. 

Meanwhile, Trinidad and Tobago continue to be on the Tier 2 watchlist of the US Trafficking in Persons Report.

The release stated, “This PNM administration boasted with a bogus ten-point crime plan at the start of their tenure and still they have not been able to reduce the murder rate and get the crime epidemic under control. They are good at throwing out pie in the sky ideas and expensive regional fetes but we are yet to witness any tangible benefits.”


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