Deputy Prisons Commissioner Bodyguard Shot Twice in Arm

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THE bodyguard and driver of Deputy Prisons Commissioner Sherwin Bruce is shot twice in his right arm during an assassination attempt on Wednesday morning in Barataria.

Police said that the bodyguard Steve Phitt, 49, went to pick up Bruce just after 7 am at Sparrow Drive when three armed men jumped out of a gold Nissan Almera car and started to fire at the vehicle, a Toyota Fortuna.

Reports indicated that Phitt ducked down in the front seat but was still hit twice in the upper and lower arm.

He was rushed to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex at Mt Hope where he was treated. He is in stable condition.

Police said they believed it was an assassination attempt on Bruce’s life, but they were still gathering intel.

Cpl Lavia and a party of officers were the first to arrive on the scene.




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