Shells with Regiment Marking Found at Murder Scene

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ANOTHER family has lost two of its members to the bullet as a father and son were killed near their home in Piarco.

On Tuesday, when police officers from the Special Evidence Recovery Unit (SERU) visited the scene, they found 36 spent shells, 11 of which had Trinidad and Tobago Regiment markings.

The shooting occurred around 5 pm on Tuesday, one day after a mother and her baby daughter were shot dead in Moruga.

Police reports are that businessman Nigel Mootoo, 49, and his son Nerkyle D’Angelo Mootoo, 19, were driving home in separate cars on Three B’s Drive, Piarco when  they started being followed by a silver Nissan Tiida.

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The Tiida first drove near Nerkyle Mootoo’s vehicle and the occupants fired shots at him, causing him to crash into a fence.

His father who witnessed the shooting tried to escape on foot but was chased down and shot several times in his front yard.

The killers sped off in the vehicle.

Also on Tuesday, Evelyn Piper, an 88-year-old bed-ridden woman with a speech impediment was found dead at her home, with her face discoloured and her jaw partially burnt.

Piper who also suffers from high blood pressure and cholesterol, lived at Chariah Street, Parforce Road, Gasparillo.

She was found by her 97-year-old relative who also lives in the house.


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