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 Senator Deyalsingh Calls for T&T Citizens to be Armed

Independent Senator Dr Varma Deyalsingh and his wife Dr Sherene Kalloo. Photo: Azlan Mohammed

Senator Deyalsingh Calls for T&T Citizens to be Armed

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

IT’S about time that citizens of Trinidad  and  Tobago be given the power to defend  themselves against criminal  elements.

This was the call from Independent Senator Dr Varma Deyalsingh after his wife was robbed at a supposedly secured shopping area on Wednesday afternoon.

Dr Deyalsingh said, “If we had a low level of criminal activity, we would not need to defend ourselves. With the increase in home invasions, we now have to meet these bandits on their own terms.”

He said in the past obtaining a firearm was a difficult process that was now becoming easier and with proper training and assessments, citizens should be given the opportunity to protect themselves and properties since sometimes, the police were not always reliable.

Dr Deyalsingh said citizens will also be at more peace knowing that they had a sense of control over their personal protection.

His wife Dr Sherene Kalloo told, she was thankful that although someone smashed a window in her husband’s car and her Linx machine taken, she was grateful she was not physically  hurt. However, she said she was “emotionally traumatised.”

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Dr Kalloo said  she visited  the  bank at Valpark Shopping  Plaza around 2.30 pm, received  a  Linx machine  in a brown  envelope,  placed it in the vehicle’s  trunk and went  to  the  nearby  supermarket for about five minutes.

When she returned to the  vehicle,  a Mercedes  Benz, around 2. 50 pm, she realised the right-back glass was broken  and  the  Linx machine missing.
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She said  she  had  joked with the bank  attendant  that  people may think she received  a  lot of money from  the  bank if they saw the  envelope.

However, she told, she never leaves  the  bank with a lot of cash.

The broken rear window

The police were immediately contacted and Dr Kalloo commended their  swift  efforts.  Fingerprinting was done and officers were already viewing camera footage, she said.

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Kalloo advised, “Women please do not go out alone. Always be aware of your surroundings. Always be vigilant. What is surprising is the time this happened  and  where. That is frightening.”

Kalloo added that she will be staying away from that mall for some time, grateful she made a detour to the grocery before heading home for fear of being followed.
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Her husband, Dr Deyalsingh said  recently  there were several  reports  of  people being  robbed at the mall which raises questions  about  security.

He also said the trend was to mark people going to the banks and rob them upon return to  their  vehicles.

Dr Deyalsingh also suggested that police conduct sting operations in the area to reduce incidents.

He added that especially at this time  with the added social  strain from Covid-19, more robberies  were expected.

Dr Deyalsingh  said  he had previously  raised  the  issue  of  bringing  to the Parliament  legislation  so that citizens can be protectors of their property.

“It is time we take back our lives,” he said.

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