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THE Tobago People’s Party (TPP) held its internal elections on Saturday.

Speaking at the TLH building headquarters in Scarborough on Sunday, after the results Political Leader of the TPP Farley Augustine, who went up unopposed, called on Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to call the general elections.

He said, “I noted recently, the prime minister seemed pretty anxious, seemed as if his palm is scratching him or his pocket is scratching him, so I urge him to pull the date (for general elections) out of his back pocket, side pocket, front pocket, shirt pocket, wherever he have it hiding, because we are certainly ready.

“We have been ready, and clearly for Tobago and the world, this is just another symbol of how organised we are and how we are managing this organisation in a democratic fashion.”

The new executive of the TPP:

Political Leader – Farley Augustine

Deputy Political Leader – Dr Faith B.Yisrael

Chairman – Ann Second

Deputy Chairman – Joel Sampson

Party Treasurer – Orlando Kerr

Assistant Party Treasurer – Marlon Radgman

General Secretary – Pearl Alman-George

Assistant General Secretary – Jacqueline Adams

Public Relations and Communications Officer – Tynielle Jack

Elections Officer – Otis Noel

Membership & Mobilisation Officer – Ackel Franklyn

Education, Research and Training Officer – Sean McCoon


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