Rowley Not Happy with Crime Level in T&T

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PRIME Minister Dr Keith Rowley says he is not satisfied with the level of crime in Trinidad and Tobago.

He made the comment in Parliament on Friday while responding to a question from Chaguanas West MP Dinesh Rambally.

Dr Rowley said, “I don’t think anybody in Trinidad and Tobago could say that they’re satisfied with our experience with crime and criminal conduct in the country. What I can say is that had these efforts not been put in place, it would have been far worse.”

Rambally then asked: “Will you be removing the Minister of National Security anytime soon?”

The Prime Minister responded to Rambally, who has called for the UNC leader to stepdown and is at odds with the leadership: “I know you want a place to go, but there’s no vacancy here.”

Rambally asked whether any progress had been made in addressing crime since the regional crime symposium at the Hyatt Regency in April 2023.

Dr Rowley replied, “We have also been receiving information to tackle transnational organised crime insofar as it impacts the borders of T&T and the interest of T&T.

“We receive on an ongoing basis, improved intelligence and training for our own law enforcement agencies and Defence Force personnel. We have in fact taken steps to authorise and begin to operationalise vetted units in the TTPS to bring about better information-sharing with our international partner.”

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