Rowley Denies Farley’s Plot Claims

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

PRIME Minister Dr Keith Rowley is denying that he ever met with an alleged whistleblower named Akil Abdullah to discredit the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) executive.

In an immediate response to a statement given by THA’s Chief Secretary Farley Augustine on Wednesday during a special plenary sitting of the THA executive, Dr Rowley said what Augustine alleged were serious allegations “a pure fanciful fabrication by person/s for their own nefarious purpose.”

In a media statement, he said, “In today’s proceedings it was alleged that I have been in contact with Mr Abdullah and other persons in furtherance of interfering and directing police work. 

“Let me firmly place on the record the following: With respect to Mr Akil Abdullah, I do not know any person by that name. I have never met with any such person. I have never spoken to him (Akil Abdullah) in any form or fashion. I have never communicated with him in any way. I had absolutely nothing to do with any of that story or action as described by the Chief Secretary and the said Mr Abdullah.”

Dr Rowley also said, “Additionally I categorically deny that I know Inspector Weaver- Ali. I do not know this officer. I have never met her. I have never spoken to her. To the best of my knowledge I have never been in her presence. I have never been in any meeting of any kind with her, alone or in the presence of any other person, as presented by the Chief Secretary to the Tobago House of Assembly.”

He also denied he was in any meeting with persons named as described by the Chief Secretary, including Weaver-Ali, attorney Gilbert Peterson, SC and former THA Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis.

 “I state, without fear of contradiction, that this purported meeting wherein I supposedly directed the Commissioner of Police to take certain action, never occurred. As far as I am concerned it is a pure fanciful fabrication by person/s for their own nefarious purpose,” Dr Rowley said.


One thought on “Rowley Denies Farley’s Plot Claims

  1. KR behavior in PATLIAMENT with respect to emailgate has now boomerang on him. His next door must not ask Farley to make his accusation outside the assembly hall. He should request that KR also makes his emaligate accusation outside parliament. KR irresponsible behavior during the emailgate lies allowed him to become the PM. The 4 estate and the citizens of TT facilitated and allow LR to become PM. The question is why? Performance or race. Farley is using the book. He sees it opportunity to be king maker in a close election. Who knows it might be Roxborough to Whitehall

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