Crime: 2 Held After Robbing Maxi Taxi

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TWO men who allegedly robbed a maxi taxi were among seven held in anti-crime exercises on Monday.

In the Northern Division, officers acting on pertinent information proceeded swiftly to Back Street, Arouca, where they arrested two male suspects, seized a firearm and retrieved a cell phone and a sum of cash.

The suspects who allegedly robbed a Maxi Taxi in the vicinity of Thomas Trace on the Priority Bus Route, were caught while they were fleeing the scene of the crime, a report from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) stated on Wednesday.

Malick area

While on patrol at the 7th Avenue, Malick area, North Eastern Division officers observed a group of men walking along the roadway. One of the men was acting in a suspicious manner, and as the officers made advances to approach them, they began running in different directions.

The officers pursued the men who ran through different dwelling structures and escaped.

Found in knapsack. Photo: TTPS

While searching the area, officers found a knapsack in a drain, which when searched contained one AK 47 semiautomatic pistol, calibre 7.62 fitted with a suppresser and a magazine containing 39 rounds of 7.62 millimetre ammunition and one black coloured beanie hat.

… on Saddle Road, Maraval

Officers of the Western Division Task Force (WDTF) stopped and searched a white Honda Accord along Saddle Road, Maraval, during an exercise on Tuesday.

During the search, one P80 Pistol loaded with 17 rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition was found.

The driver and passenger of the vehicle were arrested. A search warrant was executed at the home of both suspects and two rounds of 16- gauge ammunition were found at the home of one of the suspects, a 29- year-old suspect of Moraldo Street, Maraval. While 11 rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition were found at the home of the second suspect, a 28-year-old man of Moka, Maraval. They were both charged for the offences.

Raid and search exercise duties were also conducted in the Sangre Grande district, during which time search warrants were executed for firearm and ammunition and dangerous drugs. During one search, officers discovered one homemade shotgun along with two rounds of twelve-gauge cartridges at a home in Manzanilla.

The two occupants of the home at the time were arrested. Officers also found a quantity of marijuana at a home in Oropouche Road, Sangre Grande, which led to the arrest of one man

Also in the Central Division, acting on information received officers had cause to stop a Nissan Almera motor vehicle, having conducted a search, found one homemade shotgun and three rounds of 12-gauge ammunition.

The occupant was arrested and taken together with the items and vehicle to the Gran Couva Police Station.


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