Rev Abdul-Mohan Praises Strength of Denominational Schools

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

MODERATOR of the Presbyterian Church of Trinidad and Tobago The Right Reverend Joy Abdul-Mohan is congratulating all who wrote the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) this year including top pupil Kirsten Ramsaran.

In a statement on Thursday, Abdul-Mohan wished the young child from Rousillac Presbyterian Primary School all the best in her future endeavours.


The Ministry of Education on Thursday announced the top pupils in the examination.

Abdul-Mohan said, “Special words of congratulations  to Kirsten Ramsaran whom I have known as a baby and officiated at her baptism. Also to her parents who would have nurtured her into a respectable young girl with Christian and spiritual values.”

She added, “I want to pay special tribute to the principal and teachers of the Rousillac Presbyterian School for engaging in holistic education which is seen as a human enterprise in which people attempt to do something in a purposeful, thoughtful and careful way, recognising the good and worthwhile in life.”

The Rt Rev Joy Abdul-Mohan

Principal Robert Seerattan carried Kirsten and her mother Anushka to the Ministry of Education office in Port-of-Spain on Thursday when she was recognised for her achievement.

The Moderator said the Presbyterian Church through its educational institutions have always engaged in holistic education and have striven to maintain academic, spiritual and moral excellence.


Kirsten and her parents are members of the Rousillac Presbyterian Church.

Abdul-Mohan said, “Education should not only make our boys and girls brighter but better human beings and worthy citizens of our nation. That’s the strength of the denominational schools.”

She said the church was grateful for the hard work and sacrifice of all  principals, teachers, pupils and parents of the 72 primary schools who worked assiduously under great pressure and challenge in a virtual classroom and came out victoriously through God’s grace.

Pestex 12

Abdul-Mohan said, “The Church encourages all our students to continue working hard and be worthy exemplars to a nation and world that need positive and credible leadership.”

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