Rescued Capybara Put Back into Wild

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By Prior Beharry

THE capybara found and rescued in Port of Spain on Wednesday morning has been released in the Caroni Swamp.

Head of the El Soccoro Centre For Wildlife Conservation Ricardo Meade said that the animal was sent back to the swamp after it was captured in the capital city.

Meade had to tie up the capybara with rope after he was contacted by police who said it was roaming the streets of the capital city just after 5 am on Wednesday.

He told AZP News that he released it on the same day.

Meade said that these semi-aquatic animals would have been living in the Caroni Swamp and may be due to a disturbance in their habitat, they would have come nearer to the city.

There was also a video circulating on social media showing capybaras walking inside what was believed to be the Beetham Dump during the early hours of Wednesday.

Meade advised people not to go close or try and capture these animals as this could be dangerous. He said only trained people like himself should attempt anything like that.

He said, “They are most dangerous when they are scared. They have very strong hind legs and can bite.”

Meade said some time ago he knew of people who had capybaras as pets.

He said, “Few people had them as pets and as a food source years ago. One guy had them as sheep in the central area. This is nothing new to see them around.”

He said the capybara he held was about eight years old.

Meade said capybaras were strong swimmers.

They are the largest rodents on earth and can be found in Central and South America.


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