Dansteel Reopens with Skeleton Staff

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

FOLLOWING a fire at Dansteel Limited hardware in La Romain, the company has relocated a few buildings away from the original establishment.

It re-opened on Tuesday for business along the South Trunk Road.


Dansteel in a public announcement on Monday said no one from either management or staff was hurt in the incident that occurred on July 6 when the fire broke out at around 10 am.

The company said, “Dansteel Limited would also like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service and other stakeholders for their quick response and dedication to ensuring our safety.

“Additionally, a special thank you to all who reached out to us directly and via our social media pages to convey sympathies, as this is truly a difficult time for us all and we appreciate your kind words.”


AZP News spoke with a member of management on Tuesday who said the company was trying its best given the circumstances.

The individual said, “It is a very chaotic time and we are trying to manoeuvre our challenges. Dansteel is always based on quality. We are focusing on deliveries and have opened back so that customers can get their goods.

“We are operating on a skeleton staff and we will be having rotations. We will try to help them as much as we could. The customers are amazing. They are very supportive and they are being patient with us during this time. It is a positive start and we trying to rebound and do our best.”


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