Gopeesingh: Remove all Covid Restrictions

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

NOW that the Covid-19 pandemic is officially over, government should remove all outstanding Covid-19 restrictions.

Former government minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh made the call via a media release on Friday evening.

He said, “In the wake of this significant development, I advise the Government and Ministry of Health to immediately lift the existing emergency public health declaration that has been in place in Trinidad and Tobago since 2020. This, in specific reference, but not limited to, the Public Health Novel Coronavirus Regulations 2022, which mandates the wearing of facemasks in all health institutions, private and public, as well as where general places of businesses may deem necessary.”

According to Legal Notice No. 189, September 19, 2022, a person can be fined a sum of $5000, or face three days in jail, for failure to wear a face mask in the specified areas. This was now unnecessary, and even harsh, given the World Health Organization’s latest declaration, Dr Gopeesingh said.

He said that the United States was set to lift its own national emergency declaration (re Covid-19) on May 11, 2023.

Dr Gopeesingh said since 2020 to present day, Trinidad and Tobago was still reeling from the devastating economic, social and medical consequences of the pandemic.

He said that the virus still remained a significant health threat with many living with post Covid-19 long-term debilitating medical problems including: mental health, cardiac, neurologic and daily functional disabilities issues.

Government and the Ministry of Health must now inform the population with urgency as to what medical management policies and programs they have implemented, or plan to implement, to deal with the continued threat, Dr Gopeesingh said.

He said, “They must report to the nation where and how our citizens who are affected with long term Covid-19, and indeed, those who will contract Covid-19, can receive critical health care and support to alleviate their continued medical threat and suffering.” 


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