McDonald’s New Recipes with Softer Buns

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HOTTER, juicer and tastier with softer buns.

McDonald’s is promising this to customers as the company says it has evolutionised the taste of its classic burgers that integrates a series of small changes in the formulation of its ingredients, production, cooking, and preparation processes.

This new flavour represents a milestone in the history of the brand because it is the first change to these products since their introduction, including the iconic Big Mac, which recently celebrated 55 years of history, a media release on Wednesday stated.

The improvements will be rolled out across the four restaurants in Trinidad – Cipriani Boulevard, Port of Spain, Grand Bazaar, Dumfries and Gulf City. 


The project is part of McDonald’s global strategy and its implementation in Trinidad culminates in an extensive phase of new product development, rigorous supplier and restaurant certifications and employee training. 

Content Creator and Brand Ambassador for McDonald’s Trinidad Anastasia Mootoo bites into the newly evovled tasting burger

The release stated, “Some of these changes include the development of three new recipes for softer buns with a unique flavour profile, adding 3.5 grammes of diced onion to the meat directly on the grill to enhance flavour, adjusting the temperature of the cheese to achieve a perfect melt, and adding 50% more Big Mac® Sauce.  

“All these improvements, in addition to the elevated taste of its classic burgers, are made with ingredients that contain no artificial flavours or colours.” 

McDonald’s Trinidad Market Manager Kalifa Duncan said at Arcos Dorados, the world’s largest independent McDonald’s franchisee, operating the largest quick service restaurant chain in Latin America and the Caribbean the company was always looking for ways to evolve and meet the needs and expectations of customers, develop workforce to provide the best experience and work together with suppliers to ensure the highest quality of ingredients.  

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“We are proud to have a chain of recognised and certified suppliers that adhere to high standards of operational, quality, social responsibility and food safety audits. Along with them, we continue to develop innovative products to elevate the flavour profiles that our customers love ensuring we offer good food made by good hands. Now, our customers will be able to enjoy their favourite burgers like never before – hotter, juicier, and tastier,” she said. 

McDonald’s Trinidad will also introduce three new recipes for exclusive buns for the brand, with the quality standards established to develop formulations made without artificial flavours or colours and achieve a higher composition of softer bread with a natural glaze, ideal toast, and unique taste.  

Content Creator and Brand Ambassador for McDonald’s Trinidad Anastasia Mootoo bites into the newly evovled tasting burger
McDonald’s Trinidad Market Manager Kalifa Duncan looks on as a chef puts the final touches on the new tasting burger

During these processes, the company will also provide operational excellence training for its employees in Trinidad, the release stated. 


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