Rambally Agrees with Erla: Evil Sweeping T&T

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COMMISSIONER of Police Erla Harewood-Christopher was not entirely wrong by saying an evil is sweeping the nation as the real evil is the Government led by Dr Keith Rowley.

This is according to Member of Parliament for Chaguanas West Dinesh Rambally who spoke at the Opposition’s press briefing on Sunday.

Rambally said, “Ms Christopher was not totally wrong when she said an evil has spread over the land. There is an evil across our land; this evil is called Keith Rowley and his incompetent government. And no, I am not being hyperbolic by using the term evil to describe this Rowley government.”


He listed out what he considered to be “evil acts” under the Government which included the CoP merit list fiasco, increased school drop-outs and others especially as it related to crime.

Rambally said, “ Maybe I should make a call on this Palm Sunday to  all religious persons, all priests, imams , pundits , pastors,  all churches, all temples, all mosques, all religious leaders, to pray in union and purpose to rid our beautiful country of this evil that is incompetence!”

He started his presentation on a positive note by stating religious believers from varying religions were observing a spiritual time.


Sunday was the 10th day of the Muslim event of Ramadan, it was also Palm Sunday for Christians and Hindus are preparing to observe the celebration of Hanuman Jayanti.

Rambally, a practicing pundit said while prayer was important, it cannot replace Government’s responsibility. 

“The role and function of Government officials is to help improve the lives of the citizens of our nation. In so doing, it must maintain law and order and ensure our peace and security. To do this Government officials must craft policy, not preach sermons,” he said.

On Sunday, the murder toll crossed 140.

Rambally said, “In Opposition, Dr Rowley told the nation that he would measure the war on crime by how the population felt. Today, seven years later as Prime Minister, he is telling us that his plan is for us to get on our knees and pray more. 


“Dr Rowley, the only prayer people across our nation want the almighty to answer is to rid this country of you and your backward and incompetent government!”

Given the Government’s track record in dealing with crime, Rambally said Christopher had a heavy task ahead and cannot be blamed for what was inherited.

But he said, “I would offer a word of caution to Mrs Harewood Christopher. You have started off on the wrong foot by parroting this Rowley-led PNM Government’s excuses for failing to instil public confidence that there is a serious plan to tackle violent crime!”

He reminded the public of the CoP’s statement that no matter what the police does, unless God’s help was asked for, their strategies would be in vain.


“This is exactly what Rowley and Hinds started saying back in 2022,  when they realized that they had failed miserably to tackle crime and the number of murders were set to reach a record high of 600 plus,” Rambally said. 

He is also not impressed with her ten point plan which he said was nothing of substance.

Rambally said the Opposition has fulfilled its mandate to scrutinize government policy and ensure the Government acts within the bounds of the Constitution and the law, supporting laws to curb crime including white collar and meeting with Dr Rowley to discuss the issues.

He said, “The Government does not require the Opposition to ensure that CCTV cameras are properly maintained and working, that scanners are operational at our ports, that our borders are properly secured, or that the Police Service Commission can properly do its job and recommend a substantive Police Commissioner to lead the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. The failure to do these basic things is all down to this negligent government and no one else.”


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