Pundit Responds to AZP News Columnist

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IN her weekly Saturday column in AZP New, Alicia Chamely wrote about how fear was gripping citizens because of the high crime rate. At the end of her piece titled Commentary: Anger, Fear in T&T, Alicia had a side note where she said, “Whereas fear may turn some people into walking bottles of hot rage, it also turns some people into dummies… I’m looking at you Pundit Satyanand Maharaj. Clearly, you figured now was a perfect time to have people turn on each other rather than come together.”

Click here to read her full column.

Pundit Satyanand Maharaj who has stirred up controversy for statements he made about crime in Aranguez, saw Alicia’s column and sent us a response. We publish it below

To Ms Chamley.

Please get your facts straight! Please refer to our live stream of the event from which I was branded a racist! The link is provided for your inspection.

The police seem unable to now find statistics to refute my claims that Aranguez was under siege. I feel history is repeating itself, evidence of the past was eaten by rats the same must have happened to all statistics of crimes reported to police in Aranguez. Aranguez being the area spoken about specifically in our press conference.
Like the frustrated mobs of Haiti, you have called my name and seem quite happy to lynch me in the public domain for speaking an uncomfortable truth.

Please look at the solutions we have put forward in our press conference none of which did not call for more guns or more prisons. We called for government to help young people who may be in situations that put them at risk of joining gangs and turning to a life of crime.

In your anger, you have lashed out at me for raising a point that politicians refuse to acknowledge! I am not the bandit or the enabler of criminal activity! If you wish to call names, be brave enough to name the bandits.
I too share many of your sentiments and I am deeply saddened that your truth was based on a lie.
Pundit Satyanand Maharaj
Spiritual Head Satya Anand Ashram Aranguez


One thought on “Pundit Responds to AZP News Columnist

  1. The learned pundit should have also shared the links to the several vile and racist rants that the PNM activist Ms J Davy has placed into public domain that the PM parrots on political platforms

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