‘Prop’ Body Found

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THE body of Martin “Prop” Thomas who went to harvest young parrots in the Nariva swamp has been found.

Thomas, 54, of Nariva Trace, Manzanilla was last seen around 3.45 pm on May 20 and was reported missing to the Manzanilla Police Post on May 25.

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Hunters Search and Rescue Team led by Captain Vallence Rambharat and three villagers commenced a search at midday on Monday from opposite the Manzanilla Beach Resort.  

At 1.35 pm, the search team located his body. 


It appeared that he fell from the tree which is about 60 feet tall and got caught up in vines about 20 feet lower Rambharat stated.

He added the team had to go through three to five feet of water to locate the body which  was found about two miles east of the Manzanilla Beach Facility.

This search was planned in consultation with ASP Darryl Ramdass and Ag Corporal Linda Chatoo of the Manzanilla Police Station.


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