Bishop Anstey Jr Wins National Primary Schools Meet

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BISHOP Anstey Junior successfully defended their title at the Aquatics Sports Association of Trinidad and Tobago (ASATT) National Primary Schools’ Swim Meet at the Centre of Excellence Pool, Macoya, on Sunday.

The St Ann’s school held off a strong challenge from The University School to be first among co-educational institutions.

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Sacred Heart Girls RC comfortably retained their title amongst the girls’ schools, while St Joseph Boys RC dethroned St Patrick (Newtown) Boys’ RC in the boys’ institutions.

The meet was hosted by Blue Dolphins Swim Club (BDSC).

The stand-out performers of the day were Lillie-Belle Balkissoon of St Andrews Prep, Luke Newallo of San Fernando Boys Government, Micah Alexander of St Peter’s Private, Zalayhar Lewis of Bishop Anstey Junior and Kyle Leera of Arima Boys’ RC winning all four events on the day in their respective categories. (See below)

Swim meet manager Shawn Pouchet with Lillie-Belle Balkissoon

The top developmental school among the girls was Sacred Heart Girls RC amassing 74 points in the developmental category while The University School dominated the boys’ developmental category with a 58.5 point margin victory amassing 110.5 points.

Meet manager Shawn Pouchet said in a drive to funnel more swimmers to the competitive landscape, overall winners in the developmental category for this year’s edition will have to compete amongst the competitive athletes in next year’s ASATT National Primary Schools Swim Meet.

He said, “We must always strive to bring the best out of our young athletes, the developmental category is targeted to introductory swimmers and is meant as a space to encourage participation. Ideally, we should be aiming towards a minimum of 3 heats of competitive level swimmers at these age groups.”

The event started with a march past of the 56 schools, the swimmers’ prayer by Wyatt Harrison of Sacred Heart Boys RC, the swimmers’ pledge by Eden Chee Wah of Sacred Heart Girls RC and opening remarks by Pouchet who is also head coach of BDSC.

Two hundred and ninety-six swimmers competed.

Pouchet said, “This year we were faced with many challenges, including a venue change less than one month from the competition date. I am tremendously pleased by the gallant effort of our members and thankful to the pool management of Centre of Excellence for coming to our rescue to ensure the event was not cancelled or postponed. Seeing all these young swimmers excited about competing was quite refreshing and I hope that the swim clubs capture some of these talented athletes and revive the younger age groups at national competitions.”

Overall Team Scores and Individual Overall Winners are listed below:


  1. Bishop Anstey Junior – 274 pts
  2. The University School – 237 pts
  3. Dunross Preparatory – 126 pts

    Three officials during a break

Girl Schools

  1. Sacred Heart Girls RC – 127 pts
  2. Arima Girls Government – 32 pts
  3. San Fernando Girls Government – 29 pts

Boys School

  1. St. Joseph Boys RC – 61 pts
  2. San Fernando Boys RC – 37 pts
  3. San Fernando Boys Government – 36 pts

    Official timekeepers. Photo: BDSC

Top Girls’ Development School

  1. Sacred Heart Girls RC – 74 pts
  2. The University School – 61 pts
  3. Bishop Anstey Junior – 54 pts

Top Boys’ Development School

  1. The University School – 110.5 pts
  2. Bishop Anstey Junior – 52 pts
  3. St. Joseph Boys RC – 43.5 pts

Individual Overall Age Group Winners

Lillie-Belle Balkissoon and Luke Newallo

7 & Under Girls

  1. Lillie-Belle Balkissoon (St Andrews Prep ) – 36 pts
  2. Jiah Robertson (St Monica’s Prep) – 19 pts
  3. Mia Krider (St Xavier’s Private) – 15 pts

7 & Under Boys

  1. Luke Newallo (San Fernando Boys Government) – 36 pts
  2. Andres Homer (St Paul’s Boys Anglican) – 25 pts
  3. Harvey Gibbins (Maria Regina Grade School) – 14 pts

    Officials at the meet. Photo: BDSC

8-9 Girls Developmental

  1. Suri Dan (Munroe Road Hindu School) – 26 pts*
  2. Izrahel Kydd (Maple Leaf International School) – 26 pts*
  3. Na’ziya George (Sacred Heart Girls RC) – 22 pts


8-9 Boys Developmental

  1. Elijah Brown (Canaan Presbyterian Primary) – 29.5 pts
  2. Ethan Peterson (The University School) – 17 pts
  3. Liam Mc Burnie (Scholastic Academy) – 15 pts*
  4. Keoma Thompson (Point Fortin RC) – 15 pts*

    Pleasant mood. Photo: BDSC

8-9 Girls Competitive

  1. Zahara Anthony (Bishop Anstey Junior) – 32 pts*
  2. Katelon Leera (Arima Girls Government) – 32 pts*
  3. Kioni Busby (Arima Girls RC) – 22 pts

8-9 Boys Competitive

  1. Micah Alexander (St. Peter’s Private) – 36 pts
  2. Marcus Nesbitt (Dinsley Trincity Government) – 25 pts*
  3. Zakai Victor (San Fernando Boys RC) – 25 pts*

    The University School

10 & Over Girls Developmental

  1. Eden Chee-Wah (Sacred Heart Girls RC) – 32 pts
  2. Talya Thompson (The University School) – 31 pts
  3. Samantha De Freitas-Maxwell (Bishop Anstey Junior) – 18 pts*
  4. Joselle Gibson (Chaguanas RC) – 18 pts*

10 & Over Boys Developmental

  1. Dimitri Phillips (The University School) – 28 pts
  2. Milan Joseph (Lucia’s Private Primary) – 25 pts
  3. Eli Peterson (The University School) – 17.5 pts

10 & Over Girls Comp

  1. Zalayhar Lewis (Bishop Anstey Junior) – 36 pts
  2. Kimari Antoine (San Fernando Girls Government) – 26 pts
  3. Malika Mc Millan (Princes Town Methodist Primary) – 25 pts

10 & Over Boys Comp

  1. Kyle Leera (Arima Boys RC) – 36 pts
  2. Jeremiah Mahabir (Tacarigua Presbyterian) – 28 pts
  3. Aidan Mayers (Home schooled) – 22 pts


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