Police Boat Explodes, 2 Officers Injured

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TWO police officers attached to the Coastal Support Unit are hospitalised for injuries sustained when their boat exploded on Thursday.

Reports indicate that around 10.30 am, on Thursday, No 19639 PC Tirbanie and No 1565 PC Gonzales were aboard Marine Vehicle CP-002 in the Gulf of Paria, after refuelling the vessel.


As they were nearing Peaks, an explosion was allegedly heard from the stern of the vessel which threw both occupants into the sea.

Witnesses said the boat only stopped after it crashed into others near the shore. Those present used fire extinguishers to help put out the fire.


The officers were assisted by the Coast Guard who took the officers to Staubles Bay and then later to the St James hospital for treatment.

PC Tirbanie is reported to have received burn injuries to his face, left and right arms and back, while PC Gonzales received an injury to his left leg.


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