Pastor Moonlighted as a Spy

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Alicia Chamely
By Alicia Chamely

CAN some please explain what in the tailor, tinker, Rasta, pastor, Spy is going on in this beloved little dusty nation of ours?

Following the news this week has been a complete emotional roller coaster, that has left me
concerned, perplexed, amused and, on the last turn, horrified and nauseated.

Firstly, what is it with our governments and spiritual gurus being all up in their affairs? Patrick Manning had his seer woman, with her creepy church in Guanapo, another politician allegedly had a psychic on hand during the 2005 elections, and now we have pastor who moonlighted as a spy… or is it the other way around.

Not one of us suspected that rising from the rubble of the SSA, that judging by the state of the nation, isn’t doing such a hot job, would come Pastor Ian Albert Ezekiel Brown.

When the government announced a shakeup at the Strategic Services Agency (SSA), I think we all just rolled our eyes and waited to see what bobol would come out of this newest mess.

A former soldier, trained by Israelis in spy games, national security consultant, leader of what some may say a “Jim Jones” style church and warrior of the Lord, Pastor Brown is the full package of contradictory craziness that we didn’t know we needed in our lives.

No one is too sure what “advising” Brown did but he was collecting a sweet salary of $25,000 per month, got to go on lots of super-secret public funded trips, got lots of fancy gadgets and had the highest level of security clearance… Praise Jesus!

The chin strap donning Pastor claimed he was working to wipe out corruption in the SSA! He was onto a high-ranking government official involved in crime!

CXC Masters 3

But, alas, the plot thickens, because Brown… who runs a church that has 200 members, consisting primarily of those in law enforcement… became a Rasputin of sorts. Mr high and mighty, used his influence to ensure his church members were given positions in the SSA, regardless of if they were qualified or not… what was he saying about corruption?

Since getting the boot, we have now learned that Brown and his cronies are now under investigation. There are investigations into the death of former SSA contractor, who coincidently was the husband of Deputy Director Joanne Bartholomew-Daniel’s husband. According to reports, new investigations are being opened into all sorts of criminal activity and breeches of national security that occurred while Brown was whispering into the ears of the SSA.

Now here is what has me; it has been reported there was plot to overthrow the government in a Christian Military type coup. That’s right folks! The good Pastor and his 200 followers, were going to topple our government, beat us with bibles and turn us into a fundamental Christian nation.

If we cannot have transparency and firm oversight in one of our nations most powerful national security mechanisms, how can we expect to combat our crime problem? Again, sources said they reached out to the Minister of National Security Fitzgerald Hinds on numerous occasions to alert him of what was happening.

CXC Masters 1

However, Hinds took the stance of the St Joseph Police Station, and ignored these pleas for intervention.

Now this brings me to that last turn of the emotional rollercoaster of the week, the discovery of Hannah Mathura’s body in her family’s backyard and the stories we are being told of what happened in that house in South Valsayn.

I just cannot. I cannot fathom what that family went through. I cannot understand why there was no intervention. And I am mad as hell.

A neighbour claims she made numerous reports to the St Joseph Police Station, which were ignored there is something seriously wrong with that station.

They lived in a compound with other family members, and no one there thought “hey maybe we should do something.”

We need to end this culture of “let us mind our own business,” because as we have seen the results of doing so can end in tragedy.

Perhaps the take from all of this is when people, be it a member of the SSA or a concerned neighbour report suspicious activity, our authorities should act immediately.

Had there been immediate action, perhaps the spy/consultant/cult like leader pastor and those in his web wouldn’t have made such a mess at the SSA and maybe Hannah would still be alive.

If you or a loved one are experiencing domestic abuse, please contact the Domestic Abuse Hotline at 800-7283 or the Shelter, where you and your children can be safely housed and protected, at 345-4555.

If you suspect child abuse, please the contact the Children’s Authority at 800-2014.

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