See Park and Ride for Cricket World Cup Games at BLCA

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Caption: Gold Commander for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Acting ACP Kelvern Thompson, centre, makes a point to Director of Operation of Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Colonel Collin Millington, right, and Acting Senior Superintendent Southern Division Brian Soodeen, left, during a press conference to launch the Park and Ride initiative for the World Cup on Monday. AZP News/Sue-Ann Wayow

By Sue-Ann Wayow

FOR the thousands of cricket fans gearing up for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, a free Park and Ride initiative will be in place for any ticket holder.

This is to avoid traffic congestion and provide additional security during the games. 

The first match in Trinidad is on Wednesday at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy (BLCA) in Tarouba with West Indies playing against New Zealand. 

The designated park and ride venues are located at the South Park, Car Park, San Fernando, and the Petrotrin Refinery Grounds, Gasparillo with entrance via the Gasparillo gate.

More than 12,000 tickets have already being sold for that game. The BLCA holds a capacity of 14,500. 

At a press conference on Monday, Director of Operations of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force (TTDF) Colonel Collin Millington gave details about the shuttle service to and from the BLCA. The conference was held at the National Cycling Velodrome in Couva. 

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The shuttle service schedules are being posted on social and print media and will be available based on a first come, first serve basis. 

The park and ride facility is a system implemented by the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) that allows spectators to park their vehicles at designated parking venues and then utilise a shuttle service to travel to the BLCA providing a convenient and efficient transportation option that avoid traffic congestion on game days, Millington said. 

Millington said maintenance works have been done on the Petrotrin grounds including the installation of additional lighting.

The shuttle services will run every five minutes from South Park, Car Park and every ten minutes from Petrotrin Refinery Grounds to accommodate the expected influx of spectators during game day including persons with disabilities.  

Parking will not be allowed in and around the environs of the BLCA on game days. 

Security is of paramount importance for everyone, acting Assistant Commissioner of Police Kelvern Thompson said. Thompson is the Gold Commander for the event. He said there will be a heightened law enforcement presence throughout the country during the World Cup. 

Millington said the security measures implemented on game days include deployment of personnel from the TTPS, TTDF, and private security entities to secure the venues, as well as the implementation of CCTV surveillance monitored by the Venue Operations Centre (VOC). 

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Additionally, highway roadworks being conducted will  cease during certain times to accommodate an easier traffic flow. 

No coolers, no bottles, no firearms allowed

Thompson said while some measures may be deemed as inconveniences they have been imposed for safety and security and compliance with international standards. 

He advised, “Ticket holders need to watch the terms and conditions for entry.” 

Coolers and bottles of any kind are not allowed as well as legal firearms. 

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“The stadium will be a no firearm zone outside of security services. We advise that legal holders of firearms lodge same at the nearest police station. It will not be allowed into the venue. That is part of the stipulation and we will stand firm on it,” Thompson said. 

Ticket holders  have regulations to follow and these should not be breached he added. 

Apart from bottles not being allowed for security reasons, Local Organising Committee member Omar Khan further explained that sponsors had commercial rights giving the example that Coca-Cola was the official beverage sponsor so patrons can expect to see only Dasani water available at the venue. 

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Khan also indicated that while the park and ride initiative was free to users, it was part of a mandate to provide that service based on the MoU signed by Trinidad and Tobago and ICC including the LOC and Cricket West Indies. 

“It is funded by the government through the agreement with the government and ICC. We are still working out all the figures still, the budget is being worked continuously. It is a very flexible and ongoing process,” Khan said. 

Those utilising the park and ride venues will also have access to amenities such as restrooms, shaded seating areas, medical tents and refreshment stands and directional signage are available to enhance the comfort of spectators during game days.

Additionally, the Park and Ride services will be extended to the San Fernando Water Taxi Terminal for patrons using the Water Taxi on June 12 and 26. One trip to and from the terminal will be facilitated on game day. 

For person not using Park and Ride, drop off zones will be in the vicinity of the stadium.

Come out and support the World Cup

Khan encouraged all to show up for the games if possible and tickets were still available for Thursday, Friday and Monday games. 

He said, “We expect the general public to take  the opportunity to be part of a legacy item being hosted by Trinidad and Tobago which is a World Cup event.  We may not get another World Cup being hosted in the Caribbean in probably the next ten years.”

“The atmosphere and environment being created for this World Cup, it is going to be out of this world…Every game is considered to be a big game,” Khan said. 

On June 17, secondary and primary school pupils will be invited to attend the match  between New Zealand and Papa New Guinea. 

Khan said in conjunction with the Ministry of Education over 5,000 tickets will be distributed to the schools so that pupils can enjoy and experience the only day match being held. 

The five games at BLCA are:

  • June 12 -West Indies vs New Zealand; (8.30 pm)
  • June 13 -Afghanistan vs Papua New Guinea; (8.30 pm)
  • June 14 – New Zealand vs Uganda; (8.30 pm)
  • June 17 – New Zealand vs Papua New Guinea (10.30 am)
  • June 26 – Semi-Final 1 (8.30 pm)


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