‘Ooh La La’ Sings Garcia

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

A SONG that is as smooth as wine.

Chris Garcia’s recently released song has many going “Ooh La La” about it.

Describing it as soothing, sexy and sultry, Garcia said that although released in the Carnival season, his song “Ooh La La” was not a Carnival song.

“It is a year-round song,” he told AZP News.

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Working on it since last year, the versatile artiste said that Ooh La La which tells about the singer being mesmerized by a woman, was an experiment.

The song has a mix of groovy soca and R&B.

Garcia said, “I wanted to create something new. It was an experiment. While a lot of people may associate with Carnival, it is really a song that everyone can enjoy throughout the year.”

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Written and performed by Garcia, like most of his songs, it was created for an international audience.

“I always try to create and write for seven billion people not just 1.3 million,” he said.

Garcia also has another song that is Carnival based, Alive and Blessed.

He told AZP News that song was done to bless the present time, to show gratitude, to pay tribute to those who died during the Covid-19 pandemic and just to bless listeners with positive words.

Garcia said the official video for Ooh La La will be released at the end of March and the storyline for the video is already being put together.

Already US radio stations have been calling him up to enquire about the song that could be found on YouTube.

It was produced by W868 Studio run by the Mohan family in Diamond Village, San Fernando.

Music is by Bobby and Nykholis Mohan, background vocals by Jason “Fridge” Seecharan and on the  Saxaphone is  Kervon “Saxosaxo” Debisette. Special mention was made of Christopher Morris of Future Sound Studio.

Those who posted on the comments section said they loved the song.

One person wrote, “What a surprise listening to this track, very smooth like a great glass of wine, and hints of kaiso jazz in the rhythm.”


Another said, “This is a fabulous global R&B Groovy Soca.”

Ooh La La will be one of the songs to be featured on Garcia’s upcoming album Sword to be released by the end of 2023.

The album will feature all genres of music from rock to R&B directed to upliftment of society Garcia said.



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