Fyzabad Oil Spill Clean-up 20% Complete

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

HERITAGE Petroleum has completed 20% of its clean-up operations in Massahood Village, Fyzabad.

Heritage issued an update on its operations on Tuesday evening following an oil spill which occurred at one of its pipelines on Sunday.

The company stated, “As of 4 pm yesterday, checks to the 16-inch Trunk Oil Pipeline have revealed no further leaks. Thus far, Heritage has completed 20% of the overall clean-up operations which includes the removal of heavy deposits and impacted soil. The next stage involving cleaning, sanitising and powerwashing of the affected areas commenced today.”

Heritage also stated that its emergency medical technicians were stationed in the community on a 24-hour basis to respond to any medical issues and that air quality monitoring was ongoing.

Additionally, the Incident Management Team (IMT) remain on-site to co-ordinate clean-up operations.

The site has bene visited by the Energy Ministry and the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) and Heritage assured that it will continue to work alongside those agencies to ensure a speedy clean-up.

Don’t build near pipelines 

Heritage also stated that several notices were sent to the resident who allegedly constructed an illegal structure over the pipeline.

The company stated, “Heritage takes this opportunity to again strongly advise the public against erecting structures or undertaking any activities on right of ways or close to hydrocarbon facilities. The pipeline right-a-way and other facilities are clearly marked by Danger signs. Please avoid these areas as oil and gas exposure is dangerous and poses a real risk to people and property.

“We also ask the public to report any activity related to unauthorised construction near or on hydrocarbon pipelines and facilities as this may pose a safety risk to the community.”


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