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 Oh Little Black-Hearted Nation of Mine

Oh Little Black-Hearted Nation of Mine

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“The issue with Covid-19 isn’t its mortality rate. The issue is its high transmission rate and that many of those infected may need hospitalisation”

By Alicia Chamely

OH little island nation of mine, you never fail to surprise me.

As I have adamantly said before, it is my belief that over time we have become a nation of raging fools who were never taught if you have nothing nice to say do not say anything at all.

As expected, upon our Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s announcement that he had contracted Covid-19, what was once an undercurrent of black heartedness – a benchmark of our cultural psyche – burst to the surface.

Dr Rowley may not be everyone’s cup of tea. He can be brash, a little pompous, tone deaf and his press conferences tend to make you feel like a child whose parent just expressed their disappointment in your school report.

Still to openly wish the worst and/or death on someone just because you don’t like them is rather atrocious.

I make fun of our prime minister and politicians regularly, but never would I wish they die… I have limits. Last year when I dragged Ian Alleyne for his Covid drama, I didn’t wish death upon him, because that is beyond low.

As cathartic as it may be to loudly express our inner most thoughts, sometimes we have to remember to practice basic human decency.

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One also needs to remember when expressing their inner Satan, not to sound like an idiot.

Along with the death wishes came the ridiculous theory that Dr Rowley “contracting” Covid-19 is all a farce.

Him, along with the rest of the animal sacrificing circle of darkness sitting politicians, know the current batch of vaccines being given are not effective and are bound to make us all sicker. Therefore, he is faking his illness to avoid having to take this tainted shipment of vaccines.

I guess poor Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh didn’t get the memo… it seems he doesn’t fit in with the cool kids.

The worst of these non-well wishes and crackpot semi conspiracy theories came from no one other than the lord of foot in mouth syndrome Phillip Edward Alexander.

It is common knowledge that Alexander is not a fan of Rowley or anyone else to be honest, so no one was expecting a “get well xoxo Phil” Facebook post from him.

Instead what we got was equally enraging and laughable.

Essentially, Alexander, who still believes Covid-19 isn’t a big deal and the wicked Government has us all in lockdown to make us suffer, thinks if Rowley survives it proves that Covid is just a flu and all lockdown measures should be ended.

If Covid can’t kill old Keithos with a bad ticker, then your granny with hypertension should be able to survive as well and all the scientific evidence of Covid being more a dangerous to the elderly or those with underlying health conditions would be proved null and void because one man survived.

Oh I needed a drink for that one.

Not only is the entire premise of Alexander’s statement ridiculous, it is also extremely reckless.

The issue with Covid-19 isn’t its mortality rate. The issue is its high transmission rate and that many of those infected may need hospitalisation. Hospitalisation is common amongst those with pre-existing conditions, which let’s be real is a pretty big chunk of our population… we love us our diabetes and hypertension.

This therefore means our medical institutions, many of which are already struggling to handle their day-to-day caseloads, would be completely overwhelmed. Depriving people seeking care for non-Covid related illnesses the medical attention they may need.

We are already seeing a rise in our cases because many of us have become a little too relaxed.

So Mr Alexander preaching this type of non-science, foil-hat theories about Covid not being that bad is extremely irresponsible.

Further outbreaks will only lead to more lockdown measures which our economy cannot handle. Let’s not even talk about school closures because that in itself is a national crisis from which many may never recover.

We are exhausted and fed up. However I like to believe that we generally receive in life what we put out into the universe.

If you spend your time wishing people you don’t like will mash dog too-too, there is a great chance you will mash a pile of too-too on Chacon Street, Port-of-Spain, where the probability of it being human is high.

Perhaps if we try to put a little more positivity out there, we may end up a happier nation or at least a less bitter, petty one.

In the meantime before you open your mouth to speak, think long and hard about what you are putting out into the world and how it reflects on to you.


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