Of Bamboo #2, Ali/Maduro, Covid Shots

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He was a mad dog staring down Maduro during the meeting and it made it very clear that Guyana will NEVER give up control of Essequibo… respect my man’

Alicia Chamely
By Alicia Chamely

I HAVE the flu, it’s one of those never-ending ones. Feeling better today, feeling like death tomorrow and around and around it goes.

This coupled with my ADD, which I have neglected to treat and let my prescription for Concerta lapse, have left my thoughts a tad bit scattered. A complete failure to focus on one set topic. Frankly, I’m okay with that, I think some of my best works are my scatter-brained writings. You’ve been warned, and thus we start this journey of things that humored and concerned me this past week.

“What goes up, must come down.”-Sir Issac Newton

You cannot say the residents of Bamboo Number Two were not warned. Weeks after erecting a security booth, and subsequently given notice to take it down (which were not heeded), the Tunapuna Regional Corporation arrived on Thursday to mash up de place. And successful they were.


The security booth at Bamboo Number Two has been a polarising issue. There are those who believe citizens should be allowed to take all measures necessary to protect their property be they be lawful or
not. Then there are those who believe that all measures should be taken within the scope of law, in line
with the principles of a democratic society and not one that is pure chaos.

I understand both sides. The residents and businesses owners of Bamboo believe they are in a desperate
situation with both their livelihoods and their lives at risk. They believe law enforcement hasn’t been
doing enough and therefore needed to take matters into their own hands, even if it means breaking the
law themselves.

Two wrongs don’t make a right. The residents of Bamboo should have gone through the correct
channels at Town and Country planning to have their booth erected. Yes, it would have been tedious, but it would have saved them from the national ridicule and legal bungle they are in now.


I do sympathise, it is awful to feel as though your cries for help are being ignored, that those who oversee maintaining the law have failed you, and that your decision to protect yourself has garnered more attention from the police, the corporation, the media and so forth, than the danger you are in.

How would I have handled it? I would have applied to Town and Country, then I would have made it public, putting pressure on those in charge and highlighting the desperation my community was in. I would have gone in for the long haul.

Now it is alleged by some that with permission the residents would have to use a contractor approved
by the corporation and those contractors allegedly hike up their prices. So I would have made this an issue too once I got my permission, I would demand an investigation into these alleged sketchy practices.


I would be living a nightmare, but hey I would get my security booth and turn public focus on to the alleged racket that takes place in our branches of Local Government.

Zero to hero. And speaking of Zero…

Much Ado About Nothing… not a quote but the title of Shakespearean comedy.

Late Thursday night, into early Friday morning, I found myself reading article after article about Guyana and Venezuela’s sit down to discuss who gets custody of the Essequibo.

Oh, I was expecting fireworks, I was hoping Venezuelan President Maduro would slam his fists into a table and scream “Viva Guyana-Esequiba!” And then Guyanese President Irfaan Ali would dive across the table and tear off Maduro’s mustache while screaming, “Keep yuh arepas out of chicken curry territory! I calling Uncle Sam to deal wit yuh.”


Thankfully… really thank God… this didn’t happen. In fact, nothing much happened, other than both sides agreed not to use force. Whether or not they plan to keep that promise is another question. I am doubtful, especially as Venezuela doubled it’s 2024 budget to US $20.5 billion to compensate for additional spending for the defense of the Essequibo.

I’m not sure what Ali put in his coffee that morning, but he wasn’t holding back. He was a mad dog
staring down Maduro during the meeting and it made it very clear that Guyana will NEVER give up
control of Essequibo… respect my man.

It has become a wait and see, the same wait and see the Covid anti-vaxxers are running with now, “Wait and see all those who got took that experimental vaccine going to dead between now and 2026, the five year mark!”

Which brings me to my final quote by the eternally wise Martin Luther King Jr that I believe can be
attributed of the previously detailed issues, “Nothing in the world is more dangerous that sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

PS: I learned that if you regret taking the vaccine, all you must do is take activated charcoal everyday
and it takes all the MRNA out of your body… y’all I cannot! Jesus take the wheel!


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