No Recounts Made after 2 Bye Elections

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

THE results of the two bye-elections on Monday seem to have been accepted by the contesting candidates with no recounts being requested. 

“There have been no requests for recounts in either electoral district,” the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) stated in a media release on Tuesday.

The EBC issued the official preliminary results of the bye-elections held in Lengua/Indian Walk and Quinam/Morne Diablo. 

In Lengua/Indian Walk, the People’s National Movement (PNM) winning candidate Autly Granthume received 1,986, the United National Congress (UNC) Nicole Gopaul  got 1,394  and independent candidates Peterson Morales received 10. 

In Quinam/Morne Diablo the victorious United National Congress (UNC) Sarah Sookdeo received 2,239 while the PNM’s Anderson Nanan received 976.

The combined total electorate of the two electoral districts was 16,834. 

According to the EBC, there was a voter turn-out of 40.29% in Lengua/Indian Walk and 38.57% in Quinam/Morne Diablo, an increase to last year’s bye-elections. 

In last year’s local government elections, voter turn-out was 35.23% in Lengua/Indian Walk and 31.88% in Quinam/Morne Diablo respectively, the EBC stated. 


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