No Government School Funeral for ‘Sandman’

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THE funeral service of reputed gangster Vaughn “Sandman” Mieres and his wife Alika “Letty” Dehere will not take place at the Las Cuevas Government Primary School as has been advertised on a digital flyer.

Speaking to the media outside the Parliament on Wednesday, Minister of Education Anthony Garcia said, “Well, I can say most definitely now that that the school will not be used to facilitate the housing of the funeral services.”

He said no funeral has ever been held in a school in the country and Mieres’ would not be the one to change that precedent.

Mieres and his wife were among four killed at their School Street, Las Cuevas, home where gunmen stormed during the early hours of July 25. The killers then burnt their vehicles and used a boat to make good their escape by sea.

Both were well known figures in the Maracas and Las Cuevas area, police said.

Garcia said, “I checked with our director of school supervision, he told me that a request has been made through the principal of the school to his line supervision asking for permission.

“And as you know there is process we must follow and that process would involve the line supervisor getting in contact with the Director of School Supervision and then it goes to the Chief Education Officer who ultimately has the responsibility to make that decision.”

He added, “That decision will not allow the funeral services to be held at the school simply because in all the history of our school’s operations no funeral has ever been held in any of our schools whether it is a denominational school or whether it is a government school.”


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