New Traffic Light System to Ease Motorists

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WORKS and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan hopes that a new  traffic monitoring system will reduce wait times at intersections for motorists.

He made the comment during the unveiling of the monitoring system at the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway and BWIA Boulevard intersection in Piarco on Sunday.

Sinanan said it will help to keep traffic moving and avoid a green light for a stop sign with no vehicles in front of it.

He said it will also assist with motorists at traffic lights during early morning hours.

Video detection system. Photo: MOWT

Sinanan said, “There are some areas that we feel if I’m coming there 2 o’clock in the morning, I’m not going to stop on that traffic light to wait for that traffic light to change because there’s nobody around, this will eliminate all of those problems.

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Sinanan said there was the integration of 360-degree cameras for real-time monitoring of traffic patterns. 

He said this would facilitate swifter emergency response times by authorities in the event of accidents or other incidents.

Sinanan said there were practical advantages of the above-ground infrastructure of the monitoring system, contrasting it with the previous underground setups that posed challenges for maintenance and repairs.

Currently operational at eight intersections, Sinanan revealed plans for expansion, with intentions to implement the system at an additional 14 intersections in the coming weeks.

The initial eight are:

  • Churchill Roosevelt Highway/St. Augustine (UWI)
  • Churchill Roosevelt Highway/Pasea (Tunapuna)
  • Churchill Roosevelt Highway/Macoya
  • Churchill Roosevelt Highway/Orange Grove Road
  • Churchill Roosevelt Highway/Trincity
  • Churchill Roosevelt Highway/Golden Grove Road
  • Diego Martin Highway/Four Roads

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