Natural Gas Production Declines in June

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IN June, Trinidad and Tobago’s natural gas production fell to 3.49 billion cubic feet per day (bcf/d).

This according to the latest figures eleased from the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries.

This decrease in production was just under 200 million standard cubic feet per day when compared to May. But it was significantly better than April when it averaged a mere 3.3 bcf/d.

According to the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries, the reduction in natural gas production was mainly due to a fall in production from the country’s largest producer bpTT whose output slipped from 1.917 bcf/d to 1.706 bcf/d or a reduction of just over 200 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscf/d).

Atlantic LNG took a hit, utilising 100 million standard cubic feet per day less in June than it did in May.

Ammonia utilisation also fell and so too did power generation usage.

There were also a small reduction from Royal Durtch Shell’s production which fell from 717 mmscf/d to 686 mmscf/d but that was replaced by improved output from BHP which increased its production from 446 mmscf/d to 475 mmscf/d.

New entrant in the energy sector, DeNovo Energy held steady at 83mmscf/d month on month although its condensate production fell to 547 bopd from 610 bopd.

Crude production was slightly up in June when compared to the previous month with an average production of 59,508 when compared to 59,061 in May.

Production from the French firm Perenco fell below 10,000 bopd to 9,548. BPTT’s production of liquids also continued to fall as the gas they are producing has become less rich in liquids.


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