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 Moderator: Use the Freedom for the Good of All

The Rt Rev Joy Abdul-Mohan

Moderator: Use the Freedom for the Good of All

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FREEDOM is recognising not to infringe the rights of others.

This was the 2021 Emancipation message of the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church the Right Rev Joy Abdul-Mohan.

She said, “We have the liberty to make choices and decisions without any hindrances. However, freedom is also recognising our obligation to ensure that protecting our rights and freedom we do not infringe the rights and freedom of others.”


Trinidad and Tobago celebrates Emancipation Day on August 1 as a public holiday to recognise the end of Slavery in the British Empire.

The moderator made reference to the Covid-19 pandemic which has changed lifestyles since 2020.

Abdul-Mohan said, “We greet the month of August with open borders and cautious optimism in our struggle to manage our economic and social response to this Covid-19 pandemic which changed our life style since 2020.

“In this month as well, we observe two important milestones in our history–Emancipation and Independence.

“These three events suggest a measure of freedom. May I therefore suggest that we take some time to reflect on the gift of freedom and how we as Christians can use this gift for the good of all.”

She said, “I say this because the freedom given to humankind from the very inception of creation involves our right to choose. It has been ‘to do or not to do, to be or not to be’. But this right has become complex as we continue to live in these pandemic days.”

Abdul-Mohan said, “It is when we are free in this real sense that we know what true liberty is. For this is the path to every other freedom.”

She a country sometimes makes legislation that may affect citizens.

Abdul-Mohan said, “Further, when we as individuals make poor decisions or choices, the consequences are usually detrimental.

“Therefore, it is imperative that in exercising our freedom we consider external factors and internal convictions. In this way, we avoid making choices that could cause us embarrassment.”

She said, “As we gradually get back to normalcy, we are urged to make responsible decisions and choices in every area of our lives, so that life will be preserved in all its beauty and splendour.”

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