Heliport Affair: Migrant will Not be Deported

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

THE Venezuelan immigrant who is claiming she was sexually exploited by three members of the armed forces will not be deported as long as the investigation continues.

Leader of Government Business in the Lower House Camille Robinson-Regis said on Monday that while investigation continues, the victim has provided no evidential support to police.

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Member of Parliament for Oropouche East Dr Roodal Moonilal had enquired of the Minister of National Security if an investigation was undertaken in light of the allegations of sexual exploitation and assault by members of the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard at the Heliport Immigration Station in Chaguaramas involving a 21-year-old female migrant.

In responding, Robinson-Regis mentioned the press conference that was held on Sunday by the ministry to discuss the matter.

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She said, “As was said in the press conference yesterday, no evidence of sexual exploitation has been revealed thus far. The victim has been deemed to be a victim of human trafficking therefore the victim has been moved from custody to the care, safety and protection of the Victims and Witness Support Unit of the TTPS.

“Additionally, the victim has had access to Venezuelan officials at the Embassy here. The victim has had access to attorneys at law and so far has not provided the police with the support they must have to proceed. However, investigations are ongoing.”


Dr Moonilal then enquired about what steps would be taken to not have the alleged victim deported so as to not undermine investigations.

Dr Roodal Moonilal. Photo: T&T Parliament

Robinson-Regis said, “There is no intention at this time to deport the victim. The victim has alleged that a crime has been perpetrated against her and the investigations continue. If the victim is not here then it would be difficult to continue the investigation.”


She added, “My information is the victim continues to be here so that the investigation can continue.”


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