Media Banned from Sat’s funeral

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Satnarayan Maharaj

MEDIA have been banned from attending the funeral the former secretary general of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha Satnarayan Maharaj.

The funeral takes place at the Lakshmi Girls’ Hindu College in St Augustine on Tuesday.

The ban comes via a release that stated a reporter came to the wake at Maharaj’s Champs Fleurs home on Sunday and interviewed attendees despite being told by family spokesman Dinesh Rambally that interviews would “change the complexion of the entire proceedings.”


The release stated:

The Executive of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha would like, at the outset, to express gratitude and deep appreciation to all sections of the society which have reached out to express condolences, offer support and share their love with the family of Sri Satnarayan Maharaj, the SDMS family and the wider Hindu community.

This is a trying time for all of us and we could not manage without the said support and love.

Since the passing of Sri Satnarayan Maharaj, the family and the SDMS have tried to update the entire population of the unfolding of pertinent events and information.


We have utilised our official medium namely Radio and TV Jaagriti. Additionally, the First Assistant Secretary/ Acting Secretary General Sri Vijay Maharaj and Legal Advisor to the SDMS Sri Dinesh Rambally have fielded questions (in person and via telephone) from all media houses.

Yesterday morning (Saturday), Sri Dinesh explained inter alia the rituals/rites which the family had to undertake and the fact that as Hindus, all social protocol and social obligations are suspended.

He further explained that it is a solemn period of time when readings of Hindu Scriptures are recommended at the wake to be held each night.

Earlier this morning (Sunday Nov 17), several media houses congregated at the SDMS Headquarters, Lakshmi Girls’ Hindu College to discuss several matters arising in relation to the planning and finalising of funeral arrangements.

Despite pressing commitments at this time, Sri Dinesh Rambally still fielded questions from all media houses on an individual level.

These press interviews lasted well over half hour. He continued throughout the day, to answer questions from media personnel via telephone.

Subsequently, one reporter from a particular media house telephoned Sri Dinesh at about 6 p.m. this evening (Sunday) and requested whether she could attend the wake to inter alia interview persons in attendance.


Sri Dinesh advised that the wake was centred around reading from Sacred Hindu Scriptures and those in attendance were joining in prayer so as to draw spiritual inspiration at a time when it was needed most.

As Hindus, we are duty bound to maintain certain rituals and prayers at the time of death to assist ourselves as well as the soul of the departed.

Sri Dinesh stated that interviews at the wake would ‘change the complexion of the entire proceedings.’

The said reporter stated that she understood and would respect the family/ SDMS’s wishes.

A few minutes later, the said reporter showed up at the home of Sri Satnarayan Maharaj’s/family’s home and proceeded to interview persons.

The entire matter detracted from our wishes, religious duties cast on us at this time of mourning. Notwithstanding, the obvious distraction which the reporter caused and the clear disrespect shown over our religious proceedings over ten pundits took to the stage and read from the Holy pages of the Sri Ramcharitmanas (revered Hindu Scripture).


Our Dharmacharya, His Holiness Pundit Dr Rampersad Parasram had cause to address the audience as a result of the unfolding of these events.

We do not wish to express which media house the reporter belonged to as it is not our intention to engage in any dispute with any fraction of the media.

However, having regard to our express request made to this media house and their lack of respect to the family’s wishes, we (the Family of Sri Satnarayan Maharaj and the SDMS Executive) have decided that absolutely no media houses will be allowed on the Lakshmi Girls Hindu College compound on the day of the funeral (19/11/19) or the home of Sri Satnarayan Maharaj/ his family at any time.

The SDMS/Press Liaison will continue to be Sri Dinesh Rambally should there be any questions concerning the arrangements in relation to Sri Satnarayan Maharaj’s funeral.

We would like to express yet again our deepest appreciation to the thousands who continue to support the our family during this period of bereavement.

Thanking you.

 Update: The family has revoked the ban and members of the media have been allowed to cover the funeral on Tuesday.


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