‘PNM, Masters of Fabrication’

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By Dr Neil Gosine

WHAT is the meaning of the phrase All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others? It’s George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm.

The real meaning of the phrase was used to highlight the hypocrisy that has come about in their governance and the corruption of the pigs who took over the farm.

The phrase shows that the pigs claim to hold to the belief of equality only when it suits them but, in reality, have created a hierarchical society in which they hold all the power.

The sentence is a comment on the hypocrisy of governments that testify to the belief in the equality of their citizens but really give power and privileges to a small elite.

This applies to the Dr Rowley-led Government in Trinidad and Tobago today, as the prime minister has once again used his silver bullet, his old tried and tested strategy of pulling out all stops and brandishing the “race card” by his utterance of the words: “They’re going to give people of one race guns to shoot people of another race.”


Anytime the PM is under stress and feels his campaign is not going the way he hoped, like clockwork he uses the “race card” to call to arms his supporters to rally around the Balisier, a tried and tested strategy in which the newspapers are always too willing to plaster all over as well to fan the flames of racism.

We are locked into this call to arms of this blatant use of race to hide the facts of what state this country really is in. The truth is that this government hasn’t addressed the real issues. The PNM are masters of making up lies and fabrications to distract the citizens from the real issues.

However, what they are really doing is continuing to water the seeds of racism instead of facing the truth of their failures, where our citizens are suffering, are unsatisfied, discontented, uncomfortable and frustrated with what’s going on in the country.


The real issues are not being addressed as people are in pain and the people are fed up with the situation where the friends, the families and the financiers, the small privileged elite are living large and getting richer under this government, while the rest of the country are feeling exploited.

We must not let this continue to happen again and again to us by this PNM party.

We have been hit hard time and time again with this old PNM strategy to deflect and use this race card to sway voters to vote a particular colour.

This is to pull the wool over your eyes again and for us to be distracted, not to see all the things they have failed to do for us over the last eight years.

The simple necessities such as fixing our appalling roads, dealing with flooding all over the country, the crime spiralling out of control and the general feeling of being unsecured at our homes, with the rising numbers of home invasions.

Unless we come to terms with the fact that we are sinking with this government, that they only give opportunities to their elite, we can never make a change and that change must come now more than ever.

There’s only one choice for the upcoming elections and that is to vote them out.

Let’s think of our future and our children’s future and vote them out come August the 14th.

Neil Gosine is an insurance executive. He is also the treasurer of the UNC and a former chairman of the National Petroleum Marketing Company of Trinidad and Tobago. He holds a Doctorate in Business Administration, a Master’s in Business Administration MBA, BSC in Mathematics and a BA in Administrative Studies. The views and comments expressed in this column are not necessarily those of AZP News, a Division of Complete Image Limited.


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