Barbados ‘Market Vendor’ Supports Kamla ‘Empty the Clip’

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‘It is time that the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago take the advice of the Leader of the Opposition and empty the clip’ – Vic Fernandes

By Sue-Ann Wayow

POPULAR radio and social media personality in Barbados Vic Fernandes also known as Market Vendor is advising citizens of Trinidad and Tobago to take the advice of Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar and “empty the whole clip” on the criminals.

Fernandes, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Media HD, posted a video that has been shared widely on social media talking about home invasions in Trinidad and Tobago asking what was a person to do, if a bandit enters one’s home.

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He said, “You see me market vendor, I will have to come down on the side of the Opposition Leader because what are you supposed to do when people invade your home if you have an opportunity to put things right.”

The bandits certainly do not enter homes by invitation.

Fernandes continued, “What are supposed to do when somebody invade your home, invade your privacy, invade your sanctuary, they say a man’s home is his castle, you have a right to be able to defend the castle.”

He showed Persad-Bissessar’s now-popular phrase in the video that lasted four minutes and 30 seconds.

“Empty the clip on them, yes, you understand. Empty the whole magazine. I’ll go and get another one too as well and spray down the place so that by the time the police come they will find bodies in the street. Send a message to the criminals that you are not going to surrender,” Fernandes urged.

 He added, “Unless you wear the shoe, you are not going to feel the pinch.”

Fernandes said Trinidad and Tobago have too many home invasions and people cannot sleep peacefully at night but if the police cannot solve the problem, then citizens have no choice but to take matters into their own hands to protect themselves adding that nobody was asking for more lawbreakers.

He advised citizens to be vigilant, suggesting that ferocious dogs in the yard act as a first line of self-defence, that properties be outfitted with cameras, install burglar proof and build high walls if it could be afforded.

Then if after criminals evade all of those security systems and reach inside the house, “It is time that the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago take the advice of the Leader of the Opposition and empty the clip.”


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