Man Arrested in Stolen Murder Victim’s Car

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POLICE have recovered the stolen vehicle of a murdered Princes Town man in St Helena Village, Piarco.

The red Nissan Sylphy was stolen from Azard Ali, 60, when he was killed in his Princes Town home over the weekend.

Officers of the Stolen Vehicles Unit (SVU) of Port-of-Spain stopped two men who were in the car on the Caroni South Bank Road near the St Helena Junction on Thursday.

Azard Ali… murdered

One of the men was arrested while the other escaped.

The 32-year-old suspect of St Helena will be handed over to officers of Homicide Region III who are investigating Ali’s killing.

Ali, 60, suffocated on a piece of cloth that was used to gag him when he was attacked in his home at Mandingo Road last weekend. His car a Nissan Sylphy, license number PDU 8356, was stolen during the incident.

The autopsy revealed that death was due to obstruction of the airways caused by a foreign object.

He lived alone and relatives said he was robbed several times in the past few months.



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