Macqueripe Beach to Reopen For Easter – Robinson-Regis

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By Sue-Ann Wayow

BY Easter weekend, Macqueripe beach in Chaguaramas should be re-opened to the public says Planning and Development Minister Camille Robinson- Regis.

In answering questions from Opposition Senator Wade Mark in the Senate on Tuesday, Robinson-Regis said the decision to close the popular beach was not sudden.

Wade Mark. Photo/T&T Parliament

The beach was officially closed on Saturday to facilitate repair work.

Mark asked, “In light of the sudden decision, of the Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA) to immediately close the Macqueripe Beach facility, can the Minister give the reason for the said decision?”

Robinson-Regis responded, “This is not a sudden decision because there has been a certain amount of erosion taking place on the Macqueripe beach and quite a bit of degradation and destruction of the safety features that we have put in at the beach. The board and management of the CDA  developed a comprehensive repair programme for Macqueripe beach which includes the following works.

“In the short term the works have already begun, with the clearing of debris, the pruning of trees in and around the facility, the curbs in the parking area are being repainted and the car park spots are to be clearly demarcated. The railings are being temporarily repaired until we can remove and redo them using cable wire. The steps have been pressure washed, the lifeguard booth is to be painted and the steps will be repaired. Timber has already been purchased for these repairs.”

She also spoke about the long-term plans for the beach which included removing the timber railings and a white lime treatment along with pressure washing which she admitted needed to be done more often. She added that the treatments were difficult to be done regularly because there was a water problem in the area.

When further asked by Mark when the beach will once more available to the public, Robinson-Regis replied, “Before the Easter weekend we will have this completed.”


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